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"Stretch it out"

Many of us only think about stretching before or after a workout but a brief daily stretching routine pays off tremendously regardless of where or when you’re doing it. Daily stretching gives you better range of motion and mobility and will relieve stiff muscles and achy joints. The most effective kind of stretching is dynamic stretching, rather than the static stretch. Focus on mobility by doing range-of-motion exercises like shoulder shrugs, wrist bends and knee lifts - moving your muscles and joints through their full range of motion. A mid-afternoon stretch can be even more effective than that usual coffee break - just a few minutes will increase your blood flow through your entire body - waking you up and making you feel less sluggish. Stretching is also thought to aid with fine-muscle coordination and improving overall balance. Another bonus of a daily stretching routine? It will help reduce mental tension as well. As you relieve tight muscles, your mind is “tricked” into feeling more relaxed - thereby actually helping to relax you. Just remember to take it slow and easy - stretching should never be forced or painful, you should be able to relax into a stretch. Owner and LMT, Chris, will soon be starting a morning stretch routine on Instagram Live that you should join to start your day off right! Details to come soon, stay tuned.

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