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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Prioritizing self-care during this time of social distancing is essential to keeping our bodies and minds healthy.

Reduced daily mobility coupled with added stress can cause contraction of and tension in our muscles. When muscles stay contracted, fascia (essentially our connective tissue) can lose its elasticity, leaving us feeling tight, stiff, and tired.

LMT Chris is going to be here for you as long as possible, practicing with great caution and vigilance to ensure his clients’ safety and good health. But if you can’t make it to him safely and would rather not book an in-home session either at this time, you can do some minimal upkeep on your own at home with self-myofascial release (a form of self-massage that increases blood flow in muscles and stimulates the muscles’ stretch reflexes).

Use a foam roller or a tennis ball to apply pressure to muscle areas that feel sore or knotted. Gently stretching the fascia can help you feel more open, free, and energized.

Please reach out if you need any tips on what tools to use or how to use them. We are here for you.

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