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"Put your pen to paper"

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

During a time when we are more glued to our computers than ever, we thought we would tell you a little about the many mental health and wellness benefits of putting pen to paper!

The act of writing lights up different parts of our brains and improves understanding and retention. Handwriting and even doodling establish more pathways in the brain, increasing neural activity and resulting in better cognitive processing and learning and even encouraging creativity.

MRIs have shown that the parts of the brain that light up while handwriting are similar to those that light up during meditation and so it’s no surprise that the act of writing can improve focus, reduce stress and even elevate our mood and sense of well-being. Writing about our feelings can quite literally slow down our thoughts, thereby allowing us to process better. Some studies have even shown that specifically writing about gratitude before bedtime can help improve sleep.

For an extra brain boost - try writing with your non-dominant hand. The non-dominant hand is linked to the non-dominant hemisphere in our brains – which isn’t exercised often. And when we use our non-dominant hand, both hemispheres of our brains are actually activated which can strengthen our neural connections and even grow new ones. Also by confusing our brain like that, we can effectively push our “practical brain” out of the way and unleash new creativity! Need we say more? Let’s get our fingers off those keyboards and grab a pen and piece of paper!

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