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"Make DIY health checks a daily habit"

As the seasons begin to shift, we should all be looking to fully arm our body and mind health, and even more so in this year than we have before. It’s beginning to become apparent that one unfortunate perhaps unexpected side effect of the COVID-19 lockdowns has been the neglect and delay of regular doctor visits and check ups. However, just because going in for your regular check up with your general practitioner has become more difficult, it doesn’t mean you can’t do a Self-Check-In at home. Our bodies do a pretty good job of alerting us to issues if we know how to understand their signals. So for the next few weeks, through our Weekly Health Tip post, we are going to guide you through a full body DIY health check - working through our gut health, skin and nails, heart-rates and more! Stay tuned to keep your body in tune.

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