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"Let routine be your friend"

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Whether you are working from home, isolating at home and not working, online schooling, quarantining alone, with a partner or with your family or roommates, it’s natural to be finding it challenging to adjust to our new collective reality.

No matter what your situation, remember that one of the most important brain systems contributing to our daily wellbeing is our body’s internal biologic clock. Regular routines help keep that clock running smoothly. Many of our clocks might be confused right now and so we wanted to offer some tips on how to improve regularity in our daily routines, even when nothing about our lives feels regular.

1. A regular wake up and sleep time is crucial to stabilizing your body clock; 2. If you can spend some time outside safely each day during the daylight hours, do, if you can’t, spend at least 2 hours by a window facing daylight; 3. Get even a little bit of exercise daily (ideally at the same time each day); 4. Where possible, designate physical space in your home that is for work only; and 5. Set a daily schedule that includes regular eating times, time to connect with friends, self-care time, games - and remember to go easy on yourself if you can’t always stick to it.

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