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"Keep your body moving"

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

When we are confined to our homes, it’s so important to keep our bodies in motion.

Of course, if you can do so safely, we recommend getting outside everyday for some socially-distant exercise, and to take in some sun and fresh air. Even a 30 minute daily walk will do you a world of good.

When indoors, there are lots of wonderful options available for live exercise classes and online workout videos - from yoga with @karlamisjan and pilates with @zallapilates to crossfit training and kickboxing and Zumba classes among many others.

It’s ok if none of that is for you though, you can keep your body from feeling stagnation by introducing movement into little moments throughout your day. You can do squats while watching TV, 10 bicep curls when you are picking up the grocery bags to put them on the counter, heel raises while you do dishes, and side stretches and neck rolls while on a “video-less” call. When nothing else is feeling right for you, dancing is always great exercise and is also a very effective way to release our joy hormones - pump up the music for at least twenty minutes every day and dance it out!

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