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"Harness the healing power of Eucalyptus"

Eucalyptus oil, made from the leaves of Eucalyptus trees native to Australia, has immense healing power. Some of the benefits include relieving cough symptoms and clearing mucus out of your chest when inhaled or rubbed on your chest. Eucalyptus can even help with respiratory conditions such as asthma and sinusitis. You can either add the oil to steam to inhale or hang the leaves in the shower - if you take hot showers! (Added bonus: this is a beautiful way to decorate your bathroom.) This naturally anti-inflammatory oil can also be used to treats wounds and prevent infection and even to treat cold sores. Other uses include acting as a natural insect repellent and improving gum health and breath freshness. One of our favorite benefits is that it eases joint and muscle pain and inflammation. Used in a different form, dried eucalyptus leaves can be made into tea which is high in flavonoids (a type of antioxidant) that can lower risk of certain cancers, heart disease and even dementia. Finally, eucalyptus is a very effective calming scent in aromatherapy - believed to decrease blood pressure and anxiety and promote relaxation.

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