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"Breathe easier with Cupping Therapy"

The ancient practice of cupping therapy provides a variety of benefits throughout the body and can even benefit our respiratory health! Congestion or the buildup of phlegm and other fluids in the lungs can cause a range of breathing or respiratory issues like cough, asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema. Cupping therapy will target and eliminate fluids from our lungs so our body can safely expel them. Meanwhile, the immune system is also activated to help clear the congestion. The negative suction created by cupping induces the flow of blood and lymph to the area being treated. Our lungs will receive fresh oxygenated blood, essential nutrients and lymph cleansing the area of cellular debris and other impurities. Our lungs thereby are healing, strengthening and becoming more efficient. Give your lungs some extra healing attention with a cupping therapy session and breathe a little deeper.

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