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This Valentine's Day, 

Enjoy a Night of Selfless Learning with a Partner

The Art of Couples* Massage

A Course by Reclaimed Being

Hosted by 


In this group couples massage class, Reclaimed Being’s Chris Minehan will teach both communication and technical skills for how to give and receive therapeutic touch with a loved one. You will learn how to massage effectively and intuitively in a safe, relaxing and warm learning environment - enhanced with soothing music, invigorating aromatherapy and nourishing teas. Join us for this special evening of learning, giving and receiving, and we will send you home with some additional goodies to continue the healing process at home. 


*You must arrive in a pair in order to work on each other. However, your couple may be romantic or otherwise. 

Friday, February 14, 2020 6-8pm

Zalla Pilates

37 Greenpoint Ave #314

Brooklyn, NY 11222

Class Fee per Couple: $250

Sign up Required by February 12th. 

Capacity is limited to 10 couples. 

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